Our aim is to help you build up your faith and identify your purpose in God.

Spiritual Messages and Positive Thoughts


The Force of Faith

You have a mighty and power force inside you—the force of faith.  Your faith is required in order to bring the forth the tangible fulfillment of God’s promises.  When you exercise the force of faith, it brings the manifestation of […]


What Does The Global Restoration Church Believe?

People have asked me, “Rafi. What does the Global Restoration Church believe?” With many churches in the area, it is important everyone understands what is it that makes up a church’s core before they attend a service. We believe the […]


Remember: You will succeed because of God’s Spirit

I want to share a part of “The Acts of the Holy Spirit” with you. We are expecting visitation, manifestation and demonstration of the Holy Spirit! Zechariah 4:6 TLB “Then he said, “This is God’s message to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by […]


Events Page

Past Events Pastoral & Church Anniversary! You’re invite to  Global Restoration Deliverance Church Pastoral & Church Anniversary. Theme: We Are Ever Increasing Psalms 115:14, Mark 4:26-29 Special Guests Dr. Rodney Barlow Building Lives Christian Center     You are invited […]


Planting Seeds of Hope

GIVE A DONATION AND SUPPORT GLOBAL RESTORATION DELIVERANCE CHURCH Thank you for your giving. We are honored that you have chosen this Ministry as the place to sow your seed. We appreciate your prayers and support as you are helping […]


Walking in the Light

  OUR GLOBAL VISION: To bring spiritual restoration to believers – having them function in their original authority; living in perfect harmony with God; enabling them to embody and promote the kingdom character in everything they do. Acting as the […]


About Us

Welcome to Global Restoration Deliverance Church International (GRDCI). GRDCI is a Word of Faith, Non-Denominational, Multicultural, Multiethnic, Full Gospel Church. Our aim is to help you build up your faith, identify your purpose in God and pray with you as […]


Rafi Reynolds Ministry (RRM)

RAFI REYNOLDS MINISTRY (RRM) is committed to teaching, training, equipping and mentoring believers and organizations worldwide. To deploy leaders to strategically target these spheres of influence (“the seven mountains”) Education, Arts and Entertainment, Family, Religion, Media, Government and Business in […]


Children’s Ministry

COMPASSIONATE KIDS FOR CHRIST MINISTRY Children are our future. At Global Restoration Deliverance Church International we believe that the right environment and culture is important for children to grow and develop and be all that they can. This is part […]

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