Our aim is to help you build up your faith and identify your purpose in God.


GLOBAL RESTORATION has several ministries designed to inspire, encourage, and equip every member of your family. Whether you are married or single, male or female, young or young at heart, we have a ministry to which you can be connected.

Global Restoration Church is a place to serve and be serve. God has a place and a purpose for every believer. At Global Restoration, there are hundreds of places in which a person can serve using their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. The purpose of the Helps Ministries is to enhance the Christian experience of everyone who attends, whether they are a member or visitor.

Many believers, in a coordinated effort, come together to provide a multitude of services to the Body of Christ. These services are a vital part of (promoting Kingdom character) any ministry, as the ministry experience goes far beyond Sunday service.

Here at Global Restoration Church, we have several ministries serving with the same spirit of passion and excellence that is upon Pastor Reynolds.


Children are our future. At Global Restoration we believe that the right environment and culture is important for children to grow and develop and be all that they can. This part of the bigger vision of Global Restoration.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6


This ministry is design to inspire and encourage the future leaders, our young people, to serve with passion in their God given purpose. Passion is the fuel that drives one towards accomplishing their purpose.


(RRM) is committed to teaching, training, educating, equipping and mentoring believers and organizations worldwide; Deploying leaders to strategically target.

RAFI REYNOLDS GLOBAL MISSIONS –Be a part of the BIG-vision make an enternal difference as you partner with Rafi Reynolds global mission you’re sowing seeds into lives of millions around the world.Through your continuous support we will..


This Prayer Ministry is designed to intercede for all nation and people with all manner of strategic and organized prayers. They are responsible for training Believers in the fundamentals of intercessory prayer; intercedes through established prayer groups for the Body of Christ, the lost, Rafi Reynolds Ministry, Global Restoration Deliverance Church, children, educational systems, etc.We are commanded in the scripture to pray always and pray for all men; The prayer of faith will heal the sick and restore them.


This ministry is designed to mentor and coach current and prospective entrepreneurs and their organizations to do business the Kingdom way (principles). Our vision is to enliven and invigorate their inventive and creative abilities; Our goal is to make 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide. Plan: build training lab, national and international conferences and business or marketplace mentoring.

ADDICTION RESTORE MINISTRY (A.R.M.) – To serve as a ministry to those experiencing challenges with any substance abuse and to serve as a support program to the family members or significant others of those who are experiencing such challenges.

ASSIST GLOBAL POSSTIONING – help students, young adualt cents and adualts to shift their thinking, image and increase their skills and see themselves as God sees them, so they may find careers, jobs and/or businesses that match their gifts.

ALTAR & COMMUNION WORKERS – Assist in ministering to those persons who come forward for prayer and prepare for communion.

AUDIO/RADIO/PROJECTION MINISTRY – Responsible for all audio recordings, the PA, and projection. Produces and edits the audio taping for the opening and closing of the radio broadcast and GRDCI services and events.

AUDIO / VIDEO MINISTRY – Responsible for all television production including: directing, graphics, audio, camera operations, stage-managing, cable pulling, video control, videotape operation and duplication.

BAPTISM MINISTRY – Prepare candidates for water baptism and teach the steps for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

RAFI REYNOLDS MINISTRY – Manages the ministry of Pastor Rafi Reynolds through product sales and local speaking engagements.

CAR MINISTRY – Responsible for accepting donations of, and requests for automobiles.

COMFORT MINISTRY – Meets the spiritual and emotional needs of members who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

DANCE MINISTRY – Skilled and anointed individuals minister periodically during worship services and special activities at GRDCI.

DRAMA MINISTRY – Dedicated to evangelizing the lost and edifying the Body of Christ through skits, dramatic productions, and videos.

EVANGELISM – Outreach to the lost in surrounding communities, ministering of the gospel, and provide information to non-GRDCI members.

FAITH DRILL TEAM FOR YOUTH & KIDS FOR CHRIST DRILL TEAM – To consistently build character, integrity, and self-esteem in the youth through spiritual and standard discipline, while guiding them towards Christian maturity.

FOLLOW UP CARE 101 – Provides natural and spiritual help in the nurturing and development of the needs of the new members of GRDCI.

FOUNDATION MINISTRY – Responsible for facilitating and coordinating the 11-week video series for building the spiritual foundation of new members.

HOSPITALITY MINISTRY – Coordinates and provides refreshments for GRDCI functions.

SYSTEMS – Responsible for training members of GRDCI in the use of computers and software.

BREAD – Responsible for the distribution of food and personal items to those in need.

GRDCI GENERAL VOLUNTEERS – Assist Global Restoration Deliverance Church with clerical and administrative duties.

MARKETING / MEDIA & PUBLICATIONS – Responsible for the creation of brochures, flyers, book and tape covers, and special projects.

MARRIAGE MINISTRY – This ministry is designed to impart the value of using godly principles to govern marriage relationships.

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES & MINISTRY INFORMATION – Responsible for providing information to guests as an extension of Pastor’s welcome.

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP – Creates a strong bond of brotherhood and unity among men to enhance their spiritual growth.

MISSIONS MINISTRY – Clerical and administrative help with special projects, outreach, Missions Conference, and the planning of Mission trips.

MODA’S( mom and dad) MINISTRY – To collaborate with parents in the development of our children from conception thru adulthood. Sowing Godly instruction and concepts, expecting to reap kingdom results.

MUSIC MINISTRY – Musicians who accompany the Praise and Worship team, Sanctuary Choir and soloists.

PASTORAL CARE MINISTRY – Ministers to the spiritual needs of the Body of Christ with prayer and personal ministry.

POLITICAL PRACTICAL MINISTRY – Informs and updates GRDCI members on political and social issues and coordinates voter registration.

PRISON MINISTRY – Ministers to the needs of the incarcerated and provides support to their families.

RECREATION MINISTRY – Develops, coordinates, and hosts all sporting and exercise events for GRDCI.

TRAFFIC CONTROL MINISTRY – Directs traffic flow during GRDCI services and special events.

SINGLES MINISTRY – To minister, educate, and guide unmarried Christians in the development and enhancement of their Christian lifestyle and personal relationship with God.

TAPE MINISTRY – Responsible for the editing and duplication of all audio and videotapes produced by GRDCI.

TRANSLATION MINISTRY – Interprets Worship Services and Bible Study to Spanish language. Also assists with translation of ministry documents.

TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY – Responsible for providing transportation for members and visitors when needed.

USHERS – Responsible for keeping order and assisting during services and special events at GRDCI.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY – Ministers to the special needs of women through meetings, conferences, and ministry activities.