Our aim is to help you build up your faith and identify your purpose in God.

Our Vision


To bring spiritual, social and economic restoration to humanity, having them fully function in their inherent gifts and purpose. Isaiah.51:3; 2 Corinthians 5:18,19.

• Empowering believers and transforming nations through teaching, training, demonstrating the power and principles of God’s Kingdom and manifesting the greater works promise in scriptures.



1• To be a ministry / church where the members believe, and see themselves as agents of change the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; teach, practice and demonstrate love and holiness.
2• Create, develop and implement a mission driven church that reaches souls worldwide.
Develop, equip and empower billions of people worldwide.

3• Raising-up a Godly and purpose driven generation – that reverence, fear and trust God!
4• Inspire all people to love God and develop a passion for Godliness.
5• Create a ministry / Church setting where all nations and people are welcome and expects a life changing experience.

• Full engagement and involvement in advancing the Kingdom of God through:
•New Compassionate Kids For Christ Ministry
• New Passion For Purpose Youth Ministry
•New Kingdom Entrepreneurs Movement
•New Kingdom Caribbean Network
• New technology Mass- Media: Utilize various different technologies to do Outreach such as radio, television, satellite and internet etc….

• Men’s And Women’s Ministries
• Music Ministry – “Passion”
• Christian Education
• Care Ministry
• Rafi Reynolds International Global Missions
• Multipurpose, multiethnic and multiracial facility (transformational center) in keeping with the latest cutting-edge technology.
• Schools and universities worldwide.